What will weddings look like in Post Pandemic

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    While the coronavirus outbreak might have pushed pause on the entire wedding industry in 2020, many couples were forced to postpone their weddings to 2021, 2022 and beyond.

    As expected, 2021 was a record year for weddings. Squeezing 2020’s rescheduled weddings in with already existing 2021 nuptials, and you had lot of couples competing for vendors and venues. This resulted in more and more couples choosing weekday weddings to avoid an even longer delay to their big day.

    By now we know Covid-19 isn't going anywhere soon. Many feel that big weddings and gatherings are still not safe. Because of this, smaller (therefore safer and easier to plan) weddings will likely be the norm for some time to come. Incorporating guests virtually will become a large part of the planning process. Planners will need to go through all the options with their couples to ensure they have the right streaming software setup. Couples can also work with their videography team to make sure high-quality video from the entire wedding is streamed for their guests.


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    Not only are couples facing a different look for their wedding, they also have a new set of health and safety standards for guests and event partners. Face masks and hand sanitizing stations will likely be the norm for sometime. Outdoor weddings are expected to surge in popularity as couples follow social distancing advice and try to keep their guests safe.  Outdoor weddings provide a lower-risk environment and allow for the appropriate social distancing which will also help people feel at ease and able to enjoy themselves.

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    Another way weddings may look quite different is in the seating arrangements. You may expect to see fewer people sitting at each table. Couples could go even further by choosing to only sit guests at tables with members of their own household. Although fewer guests per table will increase the cost of an event with more tables and linens being required, most couples feel the additional cost is worth the wellbeing of their loved ones.

    Although no one can be sure exactly what the future will bring with weddings, one thing for sure is that love conquers all and one way or another couples will get married. It may not be the wedding they always dreamed of, but it will be special, and it will be a wedding they will never forget.


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