A Guide To Planning Your Backyard Micro Wedding

Haven't heard of a micro wedding yet? Well here's what you need to know!

Since the Coronavirus pandemic has forced so many couples to move their wedding to next year or beyond, the micro wedding is the star of 2020. If you are an engaged couple that still wants to get married in 2020, the micro-wedding is for you. So many couples are choosing to have two ceremonies, a small intimate "micro-wedding" or  "mini-mony" and then a larger wedding of their dreams in the future when social distancing restrictions are finally a thing of the past.

Micro weddings, also known as mini-monies, are generally attended by less than 25 guests, all who are the most important people in the couple's lives. With such a small group, it helps allow everyone to keep their distance but still celebrate with the new Mr and Mrs. Could a micro wedding be your solution to make the best of a difficult situation? Get married now with a small group of guests, then celebrate later with everyone you love at a larger wedding.

"we are all already home, so why not have a micro-wedding in your backyard!"

backyard Micro wedding planning

The most popular micro wedding choice is the backyard wedding because well, we are all already home! But also, hosting in your own backyard gives you the ability to build the venue the way you want it. While it seems like wedding planning for a micro-wedding would be easy, there are still elements you may forget or find overwhelming which would make having a wedding planner a huge help to take the stress off you.

"a wedding planer will save you a HUGE amount of stress"

Having the wedding in your backyard will instantly save you on the site fee, but there are still plenty of other expenses like renting tables, chairs, lighting, tents and heaters or fans. While we all hope for sunny weather that is not always the case. A tent is highly recommended not only for the possibility of rain but it will also provide much-needed shelter on a very sunny day. Another way to help deal with weather factors is to rent a heater or fan depending on the conditions. If it’s hot serve your guests iced tea or lemonade and place paper fans on each chair. If it’s chilly offer blankets or shawls and serve hot chocolate or hot apple cider.

Decide on a menu

Many people think of BBQ food when they think of backyard weddings, but the food choices are really up to you. Depending on your budget you can have food as simple as hot dogs and hamburgers with corn on the cob or as extravagant as filet mignon and roasted vegetables.

Let nature be your decoration

An altar set up to designate your ceremony area will help your space feel more like a wedding venue. Consider having an arbor of some sort. This could be as easy as draping fabric over a branch of a large tree or attaching lights and a beautiful array of flowers to a birch wood arbor. Place your chairs in a circle in front of the alter to give a more intimate feel while saying your vows. Be sure to check Pinterest for hundreds of ideas proving the sky is the limit when designing a backyard wedding.

Decorate the grounds 

A separate lounge area will elevate your cocktail hour or reception and can easily be achieved with outdoor furniture you already own or by creatively repurposing indoor furniture. You can even cluster mismatched furniture in various textures or tones for a more eclectic take.

You don't need a ton of decorations when you have an outdoor wedding because the natural scenery is so nice! Consider planting some extra flowers and adding several planters. You can also easily make affordable decorations to hang from trees, chairs, etc.

Don't forget the details

Two very important contributors to the mood of a backyard wedding are music and lighting. You need lighting so that the party will go on into the night and perhaps, add a little romance. Music adds atmosphere so be sure to choose the perfect reception playlist to complement the ambiance you are looking for.

Regardless of the number of guests at your wedding, it’s still a momentous occasion that your going to want photographed so remember to budget for a professional photographer. If some of your friends have recently married ask them for recommendations. When considering a photographer be sure to ask for references and a portfolio to ensure they are a good fit.

"give your guests something to do during pictures"

There's nothing better than some old-fashioned lawn games at an outdoor wedding. Set up a couple of corn hole boards, a giant Jenga game or maybe a game of ladder golf to keep your guests busy. They can play while they wait for you to finish your photos and have a cocktail.

Whether you have decided to make a backyard micro wedding your one and only celebration or you plan on having a bigger wedding in the future, remember to make the most of what you have.  Your wedding day is absolutely a special occasion, but its also just the beginning of your journey and you still have forever to write the rest of your love story. 


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