How it all began...

On a rainy day in 1997 our family drove 7 hours from our home in Seekonk, Massachusetts to a small town in Maine in search of a place in the woods where John could build a family cabin. Janet was in the passenger seat, while 6 year old Vanessa and her two brothers were in the back. Flash forward 23 years, and the entire family has since grown a love for all things rustic. Our cabin is by no means anything fancy, there is no electricity or running water, but it has taught us that the simple things in life are most often the best things in life. Although our lives have changed and the kids have grown, getting to spend time together at the cabin is still one of our favorite things to do.

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In 2014, Vanessa got engaged and we knew right away it would be a rustic themed wedding. Together, we spent many hours making crafts for the wedding including birch candle holders, a wire cake topper and a beautiful cedar cupcake stand to name a few. The wedding was on May 2, 2015 in Westport Massachusetts and it was a perfect day. We received so many compliments on the wedding décor that shortly thereafter, we decided to continue our love for crafting together and sell our creations online. On June 2, 2015 we officially opened JV Country Creations and since then we have never looked back.

Even though many things have changed since opening the shop, one thing that has stayed constant is the bond between our mother-daughter duo. Not only do we spend countless hours together crafting and perfecting our shop and products, but we now also have three babies/grandbabies to look after.  

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Each with our own specialty within the shop, (Vanessa tackles the birch designs, while Janet does the wire creations) we have worked for 5+ years on perfecting our roles within JV Country Creations to ensure that every customer gets the best product and purchasing experience possible. Having been featured in over 2,000 weddings, it is an honor to have the opportunity to work with you in designing products that will help make your wedding day the best day of your life. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them!

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