Don't Forget These Last Minute Details When Planning Your Wedding

Most engaged couples will spend a year or more planning their wedding but nothing can prepare them for all the last-minute details involved in orchestrating the perfect wedding. Many brides, find that following a wedding planning timeline for the purpose of organizing their wedding plans can be very helpful. They list when they should be accomplishing certain important tasks. The couple will see there usually only a handful of tasks which need to be accomplished during each time frame. For example, the couple may be assigned to set a date and book a location for the reception approximately 12-15 months before the wedding date. That doesn’t sound bad at all. Then when they take a look at the list of items to be completed in the week before the wedding, they realize planning a wedding is filled with many last-minute details.  

  Starting about two weeks before the date of the wedding, the couple will begin to take care of a number of last-minute details such as calling vendors such as florists, limousine drivers and cake decorators to confirm all plans and deliveries. Most caterers require a final head count approximately two weeks in advance. The couple will also want to contact the DJ or band at this time to provide a song list. This will include song selections for the entrance and special dances as well as songs the couple would like to see included during the wedding. Two weeks before the wedding is also the time for the couple to complete seating arrangements.  An often-forgotten but very important last-minute detail are table numbers and or table number cards with table number holders. JV Country Creations has several beautiful table numbers and card holders to choose from. Check them out at  


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One week before the wedding the couple will still be rushing around taking care of last-minute details. The bride, specifically, will be particular busy. The bride and her bridesmaids should have their final fittings by this time and the gowns should be picked up. The couples will need to pack for their honeymoon and organize travel documents at this time. The week before the wedding is also the time to confirm the details for the rehearsal dinner and pay the balance on the reception hall.  

 The day before the wedding is a very busy one. Many couples have the wedding rehearsal and dinner on this day. The bride should get a manicure and pedicure and prepare her gown, shoes and accessories for the next day. The groom should also assemble his attire and may want to get his hair trimmed as well, if necessary. Both the bride and the groom should try to take some time to relax get a good night sleep in preparation for the big day ahead.  

Finally, the wedding day is here but there is still a number of things to be done. Ideally, these wedding day details will be delegated to a wedding planner, trusted friend or family member. In addition to dressing for the wedding the bride will also have her hair and makeup done. There will also be a need to have someone check the reception hall to make sure everything is set up properly, someone should meet the florist and assure she has access to the reception hall to set up the floral arrangements. 

 Organized planning is the key to a beautiful, low stress wedding of your dreams. Click below to get the “Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline” to be sure not to forget all the important tasks when planning your wedding.

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