Five Wedding Traditions That May Still Need Adjusting Post Pandemic

With these uncertain times of Covid-19 many engaged couples have had to adjust their wedding plans. From changing the wedding date, the number of people on the guest list, even the venue, the rules have been changing frequently over the last year. Unfortunately, couples may also have to consider Five Wedding Traditions That May Need Adjusting Post Pandemic, especially those that may add risk to the health and safety of their guests.

The Receiving Line has been a long time custom for the newlyweds to greet and thank their guests for coming to the wedding and for the guests to congratulate the newlywed couple. One of the key rules for safety during Covid-19 is “Social Distancing”. Instead of the traditional receiving line couples may consider a “gesture line”. In short: no hugs or cheek kisses, but maybe wave, a verbal exchange of congratulations or thank you, and air kisses from a safe distance.

Dancing, perhaps one of the most loved parts of a wedding celebration has recently, been a big NO for Covid-19 weddings. Hopefully with a little resourcefulness dancing will be back. Outdoor weddings mean more room for a larger dance area and social distance dancing. Another idea may be to leave a larger distance between tables to allow people to dance near their tables with people in their own household.

The bouquet toss is a long-time tradition. Instead of having a tight gathering of people to catch the bouquet, perhaps the bride can present the bouquet to a pre-selected person, a sister or maybe a best friend.

Group photos are a fun part of weddings but probably not a safe option for now. Many photographers and videographers now offer the option of a drone to capture some great large group shots.

Another tradition that has seen great change is Bachelorette parties, bachelor parties and Bridal showers. Many Bach parties usually consist of vacation trips to faraway places. Due to travel restrictions, these plans have been forced to be postponed if not cancelled until travel is an easier option. When it comes to Bridal showers an outdoor party with a limited number of guests or perhaps a drive by shower where people drive up, drop off a gift and have a short social distant visit from their car are some alternative options.

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Although having to adjust one’s wedding plans may not be the ideal situation, couples still have the control to make their wedding day, and the special occasions leading up to their wedding, beautiful and memorable.  Couples should make their wedding their own by incorporating unique personal touches, and décor pieces. A special wedding cake topper, beautiful wedding table number holders, or a custom birch wood candle, are just a few example pieces that can represent their style and personality.

With an open mind and the willingness to compromise couples can still have the wedding of their dreams.  




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