Embracing Change: Expanding the JV Country Creations' Birch Candle Product Offerings

At JV Country Creations, change is in the air, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share it with you! As a family-owned business that has thrived on the charm and uniqueness of our handcrafted birch candle holders, we're excited to announce a significant transition: we're expanding our product line to include a wide variety of gifts, all inspired by our beloved birch wood candle holders.

A Step Towards Something Bigger

Since our simple beginnings in 2015, my mom, Janet, and I have poured our hearts into crafting unique wedding décor and gifts that bring joy to countless special occasions. Our personalized birch wood candle holders, each hand-burned with love and care, have been a top favorite among our customers. The feedback we've received over the years has been incredibly positive, encouraging us to dream bigger.

We realized that the charm and warmth of our birch candle holders could be translated into other types of gifts, extending the magic beyond just weddings and anniversaries. So, we decided it was time to expand our horizons and offer a broader range of handcrafted gifts that carry the same rustic elegance and personal touch our candles are known for.

What to Expect

We’ll be incorporating new designs to encompass a variety of items to make perfect presents for any occasion all while staying true to our roots. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the exciting new products we’ll be offering:

- State Souvenirs: candle holders with local states that make the perfect souvenir when traveling or gift for visiting family

- Memorial Candles: honor loved ones who have passed with their remembrance dates and even an option to add a mini urn at the bottom of the birch wood log

- Nature Inspired Quotes: an all new collection of pleasant nature inspired quotes that would make a great addition to any home

- Friends Gifts: share an encouraging message with a friend and gift them a piece designed to make them smile

- Patriotic Home Decor: celebrate the spirit of America with a bald eagle art or thank a service member with a one of a kind gift

- Christmas Designs: Christmas and birch are the perfect pair so be on the lookout for a huge selection of Christmas and holiday inspired birch wood candle holders


Experience the Craftsmanship: Our Candles Now Available In-Person

We’re thrilled to announce that our beloved birch wood candle holders are now available for purchase in person! This exciting change allows our customers to fully appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. There’s something special about feeling the smooth, hand-burned wood and seeing the intricate designs up close. We believe that experiencing our products firsthand will help you understand the love and care we put into every creation. So, come visit us and immerse yourself in the rustic charm of our handcrafted gifts before making your purchase. We will be doing pop-up events around Massachusetts and RI and are always available to shop in Mansfield, MA at The Strand Salon and Spa and in Bristol Connecticut at The Bristol Bazaar. Be sure to follow us @JVCountryCreations for more updates on opportunities to shop in person.

Sustainability at Heart

As always, sustainability remains a core value for us. We will continue sourcing our wood in an eco-friendly manner, ensuring that each gift is not only beautiful but also kind to the environment. By using reclaimed and sustainably harvested wood, we’re committed to minimizing our footprint while maximizing the charm and quality of our products.

Join Us on This Journey

We’re so excited about this new chapter and can’t wait to share these beautiful gifts with you. Expanding our product line means we can be a part of even more of your special moments, from birthdays and anniversaries to holidays and just-because gifts. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for supporting our small, family-owned business. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we’re honored to continue crafting pieces that bring a touch of rustic charm and warmth into your lives.

Stay tuned for updates on our new products, and feel free to reach out with any suggestions or ideas. We love hearing from our customers and are always looking for ways to make our creations even more special.

With love,

Vanessa & Janet

JV Country Creations

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