Changing your Wedding Plans Due to Coronavirus? Read this First!

Many 2020 Brides and Grooms are being forced to cancel or re-schedule their weddings during these very uncertain times of the Coronavirus Global Pandemic. This is like nothing we have ever seen before so if you are a bride weighing the option of rescheduling your 2020 wedding, read on!

This is a HUGE decision that comes with many emotions. Option 1 would to forego the vast majority of your original wedding plans but keep the date. In most situations, you can still get married on your original date with a ceremony that only includes you and your spouse, the officiant, and perhaps a couple of your very closest family (Keeping in mind that states are constantly changing the rules on limits to group gatherings). Once getting married “in the books” you could then plan to do a reception for some time in the future or even forgo your original wedding plans altogether.

If your date is still a little way out and on the border of needing to be rescheduled, you could choose to move forward with planning as scheduled, and then if things, fortunately, settle in time, you will be all set and among the lucky group! On the other hand, if you do have to move your date, at least all the details will be set and you can take a much-deserved breather before the new wedding date!

The other option (maybe the more popular of the two) is, of course, choosing a new date for your postponed wedding, but this is NOT a simple task. If this is the route you need to go, keep in mind that you are not alone. There are tons of couples doing the same thing! The best course of action will be to act quickly and ask each of your vendors as well as your venue for their remaining available dates in a certain period for your new date. Inquire with each individual vendor about their policies on rescheduling and canceling if absolutely necessary. Aim to be as flexible as possible to ensure you can find a new date using your original vendors to avoid cancellation fees. Many wedding vendors are willing to work with couples because they truly empathize with your situation and want you to still have a beautiful wedding day.

You’ll want to take a close look at your contracts to see what could happen in the case of a cancellation, especially on short notice, or reach out to the vendors to see if they are able to waver from their original policies for this unique situation.  Canceling your event completely could really cause some financial pain, so do whatever you can to reschedule with as many of your original vendors as possible. If you can find one date that overlaps the most with your vendor team, you should try to lock it down ASAP.

If you have already ordered customized details for your wedding with the date on them such as invitations, signs, cocktail napkins, favors, or unity candles, we suggest reaching out to the company directly to see if they are willing to work out a deal. Many shops like JV Country Creations, who specialized in customized wedding décor, are working with each bride to provide solutions.

Everyone is aware that the status of this Pandemic is rapidly changing, and your wedding guests may already be expecting some sort of announcement from you. A great way to keep guests informed is to update your wedding website with a statement or share an announcement of your wedding changes via social media or even a new "save the date" in the mail. You could also send an email to your guest list.

Confirm that each guest has received your message by asking them to respond acknowledging your note. You’ll also want to make sure you have communicated the changes with anyone who was planning to travel, especially if it’s short notice.

Another disappointing reality is that you will likely have to cancel or reschedule your honeymoon plans if you were planning to travel within the next few months. Be sure to reach out to your airlines and hotels or other accommodations to cancel your travel arrangements.

Most companies are being generous with their policies at the moment, in light of this unprecedented situation and many airlines are being more flexible with their typical policies as well. Of course, this all depends on the type of tickets you bought, so you will have to reach out to find out for sure.

While it probably wasn’t your responsibility to plan the events, your bachelorette party and bridal shower could be affected as well. Remember that communication is key during any change of plans. So keep in touch with those who were involved in those events to give your input on how you’d like to handle postponing or canceling each event since the timing will severely depend on the new wedding date you select.

As difficult as it can be to reschedule a wedding, it is so important to stay positive and know that you are going to have an incredible day no matter when or how it takes place. This is such a personal decision and each couple needs to decide based on their own circumstances and family situation. At the end of that day, you will be married to the person you love and will be starting a beautiful life together. Not to mention the crazy story you will be able to tell your future children about having to re-schedule your wedding due to the global pandemic of 2020!

Stay safe everyone!

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