10 Ways to Honor Your Deceased Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life. But for those who have lost someone close, the thought of celebrating such a joyous day without your special person can be somewhat bittersweet. Paying tribute to your deceased loved ones on your special day can be a lovely touch and can even help in the healing process if the loss was a recent one. Here are ten meaningful ways to acknowledge them while still maintaining the joyous vibe of the day.    

Birch Memorial Candle with dove
  1. Where a special piece of their jewelry. Every time you look at it you will know they are there with you.
  2. The bride can add a charm with their picture to your bouquet or perhaps sew a heart shaped piece of their clothing onto the wedding gown. 
  3. The groom can attach a small picture charm to his boutonniere or wear a pair of cufflinks that belonged to his loved one.
  4. Leave an empty seat with their picture at the ceremony.
  5. Light a candle at the ceremony in honor of those who are there in spirit.
  6. Add the names of deceased loved ones and perhaps a short memorial poem to the wedding program.
  7. Add a special display table with a memorial candle and photos of those who have passed at your wedding reception.
  8. Make a toast in their honor. Remember to keep it light hearted without bringing the mood down. 
  9. Play their favorite song.
  10. Create and display a memorial sign. Here are a few ideas.
    • Those we love don’t go away; they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Stilled loved still missed and very dear.
    • Forever in our thoughts, you have never gone away. We wish you could be here to share our special day.
    • Your presence is in our hearts as we say “I do: We proudly say our vows in loving memory of you.
    • We think about you always, we talk about you still. You have never been forgotten and you never will. We hold you close within our hearts and there you will remain. To walk and guide us through our lives until we meet again.

So there you have it, 10 beautiful ways to honor you deceased loved ones at your wedding. Hopefully one or two of these ideas will help bring you the comfort of knowing that although your loved one is not with you in person on your special day, they are definitely with you in spirit. No matter how you choose to honor your deceased loved one at your wedding, it is important to focus on the special details they would love and get a kick out of—not the fact that they're gone. Remember to focus on the happy times you had with them and how they would want you to continue to have happy times in your new life as a married couple. 

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